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Iā€™m based in Northleach, a beautiful and inspirational spot in the heart of the Cotswolds  England. I have always been a photographer, from school I went to Art College, and then discovered photography properly during my first degree in Film, Video and Photographic Arts at Westminster University ā€“ this is a few years ago! Since then I've worked in all fields of commercial, fashion and advertising photography and for a fair few years as an architectural photographer for English Heritage. Now my commercial practice is predominately focused on weddings and portraiture. Along side this I work as a lecturer in photography and am currently studying a MA in photography at Gloucestershire University. I have continued to push forward with my own work and have regularly exhibited in shows and galleries over the years.

"One must consider not only light and composition but emotion- for me, these are the essential ingredients of successful romantic wedding images. I'm relentless with my search for the romance and beautiful elegance that emerges in photography when you capture couples in love."

Jane Murray Valentine's Photography Quote (Hitched magazine 2010)